Walks Through Time

  • WTT Podcast – Bentley Priory – Historic Mansion and Battle of Britain Headquarters Fighter Command
    As a regular attender of Bentley Priory Museum’s excellent Friday Morning Talks, getting an opportunity to fully explore the site and speak with several of the people bringing the stories of the place alive was a real treat. Exploring a thousand years of history… priory, mansion house, royal residence, hotel, school, Headquarters RAF Fighter Command
  • WTT Podcast – Wartime Guildford – 80 Years Since Mustangs Collide
    In this Walk Through Time, we visit Guildford on the 80th Anniversary of an unfortunate collision between two RAF Mustang aircraft, which were on a training exercise over the Stoke Park area of the town, in the company of historian, writer, and long time Guildford resident, David Rose. The pilots who died in the Mustang
  • Shorts Brothers Factory Tunnels and Air Raid Shelter – Rochester
    Wings Museum Podcast In this episode of the Wings Museum Podcast: All images taken on an authorised visit. For more information about the Shorts Tunnels, Air Raid Shelter and underground aircraft factory, visit:https://www.subbrit.org.uk/sites/rochester-shorts-brothers-factory-and-public-air-raid-shelter/
  • Steamer Point – MoD Signals Research and Development Establishment
    Located just to the south-east of the Steamer Point Car Park, there are three concrete bases, one large and two smaller, and a large boulder which bears an informative plaque. From the early days of the Second World War through until 1980, this area was the trials ground for the Ministry of Defence Signals Research
  • Brooklands Museum Centenary of Speed – Kenelm Lee Guinness 133.75mph in 350hp Sunbeam
    In an extra special event at Brooklands Museum, we celebrate 100 years to the day since Kenelm Lee Guinness set a Land Speed Record of 133.75mph on the famous Brooklands banked track in a 350hp Sunbeam. The celebrations include the recreation of a painting by F Gordon Crosby of the record breaking car speeding past
  • B-25 Mitchell “Bedsheet Bomber” fuselage collection with Wings Museum
    The collection of the rear fuselage of the B-25 Mitchell “Bedsheet Bomber” necessitates a trip to a rural location near Peterborough with suitably large transport to get it back to Wings Museum for restoration and reuniting with the other parts of the aircraft the museum’s volunteers have already been working on for many months. For
  • St Leonards Air Raid Shelter, East Sheen
    Following an excellent tour organised by Subterranea Britannica, run by Habitats and Heritage, we have put together a simple 360 walk through of the underground space. As always, many thanks to all involved. For more information about the Air Raid Shelter: Subterranea Britannica – East Sheen Air Raid Shelter Habitats and Heritage – St. Leonards
  • Little Ships of Dunkirk – Teddington Lock Memorials
    The newer memorial, unveiled in 2010, is placed in the grass, overlooking the site of Tough Brothers’ Boatyard which was on the other side of the Thames. The memorial is inscribed with the words: How Teddington’s “Little Ships” helped win the Second World War. In the Spring of 1940, allied troops were trapped between the
  • VE Day and the Royal Observer Corps “Sentinels Of Britain”
    A look back at VE Day with the Royal Observer Corps Observers who kindly shared their stories with us a few years ago in Sentinels Of Britain. For more:Sentinels of Britain – The Wartime Story of the Royal Observer Corps
  • WTT Podcast – RAF Kenley
    Originally recorded for the Wings Museum Podcast (visit their website www.WingsMuseum.co.uk for more!) in this episode of Walks Through Time we join the Kenley Revival Team for a guided walk around RAF Kenley, orally illustrated with extracts from memories of people who served there during World War Two… “Voices From The Past” Many, many thanks