WTT Podcast – RAF Kenley

Originally recorded for the Wings Museum Podcast (visit their website www.WingsMuseum.co.uk for more!) in this episode of Walks Through Time we join the Kenley Revival Team for a guided walk around RAF Kenley, orally illustrated with extracts from memories of people who served there during World War Two… “Voices From The Past”

The, sadly, slowly deteriorating, Officers’ Mess building
One of the ‘pop up’ Pickett-Hamilton forts for airfield defence
Linda Duffield, Kenley Revival Legacy Officer
Blacker Bombard site, also for airfield defence
One of the aircraft pens

Many, many thanks to Linda Duffield, the Kenley Revival Legacy Officer, and all the people who shared their own stories and memories with us.

Also see: RAF Kenley Tribute and Aircraft Pens for a 360 tour…

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