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Albury – Ponds Lane – ROW 511

Ponds Lane runs for over 3km (2 miles), in two sections, briefly separated by a section of tarmacked road.
ROW511 Ponds Lane
Due to the tree lined, and gully-like nature of the track, it is difficult to admire the pleasant views either side, but worth the effort when there are gaps in the foliage.


Name: Ponds Lane
Location: Farley Green
Parish, Borough: Albury, Guildford
ROW No.: 511 (D224)
Approx. Length: 3.14 km / 2 miles
North end: TQ073466 (SCC document says TQ068462)
South end: TQ063442
TRO Restrictions: Partial, Seasonal width restriction
No four (or more) wheeled motor vehicle, or horsedrawn vehicle, wider than 1.5m(4ft11ins) can use the section between (Northern end) TQ069466 and (South end) TQ067456 after 30th September, or before 1st May each year
Surface: Small Puddles/Gravel/Sand/Uneven ruts
The south end:
ROW511 Ponds Lane entry South
The north end:
ROW511 entry North
Ponds Lane ROW511 entry North
Ponds Lane ROW511 entry North
TRO width restriction gate south:
ROW511 South Ponds Lane
ROW511 south Ponds Lane
ROW511 south Ponds Lane
TRO width restriction gate north:
ROW511 Ponds Lane north
The northern width restriction looking south:
ROW511 north
ROW511 Polite Notice
Polite explanatory notice
Ponds Lane is generally made up of reasonably flat, solid surfaces, with occasional puddling and mud.
ROW511 surface
ROW511 Ponds Lane surface
Ponds Lane ROW511 surface


Date of visit: 13th September 2017

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