The Trundle – Goodwood, Chichester


Goodwood Race Course from The Trundle


With fantastic views over such a large part of Sussex and Hampshire’s southern coast, the short, if reasonably steep, walk to the top of The Trundle from the convenient car park just to its north, is well worth the effort.

That is the site today, but it has been used by humans for millennia… A Neolithic causewayed enclosure, was followed by an Iron Age hill fort. Clearly a prominent and commanding position.

Jump forward a couple of thousand years and it is used during the English Civil War by the Clubmen, men who were primarily concerned with protecting their local homes, families and farms.

There have been buildings (including a chapel and a windmill), and beacons to warn of imminent attack.

The beacons gave way to a radio site during World War II, and now there are two tall masts for broadcasting, mobile phone, and various other uses.

The view to the south-west… You can see the Spinnaker Tower
in Portsmouth more than 16 miles away
Becoming an ever more common sight,
the new wind-farm off the Brighton and Hove coast
is clearly visible from The Trundle

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